Makeup Artistry Course Reviews

Sabrene-Marie Papas

Sydney, NSW

I enjoyed my entire journey with IMUA!

They were so supportive and uplifting towards my work and supported me on my Instagram journey sharing my makeup looks with the online world! I learnt so many new techniques that allow me to design and create more dramatic and theatrical makeup looks that involve SFX and paints!

It gave me the confidence to experiment more with my skills and expand my knowledge beyond traditional beauty makeup. I absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED my time with IMUA and strongly encourage anyone passionate about makeup who wants a career in the industry or just wants to expand their own artistry skills to take part in this course!

You will love it! All the best to any new students! Thanks for having me, IMUA! xxx


Jessica Phillips

Sydney, NSW

As a makeup artist and educator, I was in need of a flexible training organisation to upgrade my qualifications, and I’m so glad that I found the Institute of Makeup Artistry.

I was so impressed with the resources provided and found the online portal easy to navigate. My trainer was supportive and prompt with all their responses which I found incredibly helpful while learning online.

I would 100% recommend this training organisation to anyone looking to get started in the makeup industry or for already existing makeup artists looking to up-skill.


Maya Rawal

Sydney, NSW

This course was incredible!

Starting in 2020 was a cause of concern at first. However, everyone was incredibly supportive and attentive to the ways Covid-19 affected my ability to complete the course.

The messages section was extremely helpful, with both student support and my tutor offering quick and clear responses to my many questions and worries.

I will definitely be recommending this course to anyone interested in going into the makeup industry!


Isabelle Turner

Bendigo, VIC

I was a makeup artist who already had an idea of the industry and experience in creative makeup. I didn't expect much from this course and didn't expect to learn anything from it, but I couldn't have been more wrong.

I learned so much about techniques I didn't even know existed and new ways to improve my current skills.

I recommend this course to anyone who loves makeup - if you are a beginner who has never picked up an eyeshadow brush or an experienced makeup artist willing to learn something new!


Nina Krivoshev

Strathfield South, NSW

This course is great for someone like me, who has a passion for makeup and has spent countless hours watching glamorous makeup tutorials on YouTube.

It taught me so much more about the makeup industry than is often shown on Instagram and YouTube, and I learned techniques that gave me the confidence to begin working in any avenue of makeup artistry (even including special effects!).

The coursework load was very manageable, and the modules were all very thorough and informative. I'd definitely recommend IMUA for any makeup enthusiasts!

Charito Espartero

Camden, NSW

So happy to have made the decision to enrol in this course! I love makeup, and I never thought that the application process I used to do mainly for myself was way too outdated until I got onboard with IMUA.

This course has completely transformed my skills in a way I never imagined. I even surprise myself sometimes with the results of my work. I couldn't believe it!

I am so thankful for the IMUA! You guys just boosted my confidence big time! I am so ready to embark in my new beautiful journey!


Amy Acheson

Canberra, ACT

When I started with this course, I didn’t think I would be able to finish. But with every module, my love for everything makeup grew!

The course material had links to some amazing videos that helped grow my skills and techniques. Now that I have finished the certificate, I am going back to do the diploma and further my skills, techniques and passion for this industry. My tutor was fantastic, giving me honest feedback and helping me in the areas I wasn’t too confident in. I made some lifelong friends in the Facebook group that is continuing to support me.

I highly recommend this course.



Jessica Fogg

Hunter Valley, NSW

I’m sad that my journey is over with The Institute of Makeup Artistry. However, I’m eager to sign up to do the Advanced Modules when they become available.

I’ve taken many great tips on board from both the written modules and from my tutor Eryn. I feel I have been supported and recognised as an artist throughout this journey in both the student Facebook group and on the Instagram platform.

Cannot recommend this course enough! Thank you x


Miranda Borg

Mount Cotton, QLD

Working through The Institute of Makeup Artistry was an amazing experience that I will never forget.

I had the opportunity to work with an amazing teacher with ongoing help and support. The modules were amazing to learn new skills such as SFX and working with wigs and facial hair. I would highly recommend anyone do this course if you have a passion for makeup like myself.

This course has really opened up my eyes to new creativity and opportunities.



Christina Eitelhuber

Noranda, WA

Studying through The Institute of Makeup Artistry has been such a wonderful experience.

I had a lot of fears taking the chance to change my career as a woman approaching middle age, but the professionalism, kindness, and knowledge of this school got me through so easily. Each assignment filled me with excitement and made me look forward to the next one. And the feedback from my tutor was priceless! She was very nice and helpful, and I felt so supported.

Thank you, IMUA. I feel confident to truly start my career as a makeup artist, and I fully intend to recommend this school to others and take another one of their courses.



Katelin Gibson

Gillieston Heights, NSW

This course has not only fulfilled me into becoming a qualified makeup artist, but it has fulfilled me into pushing myself into new sectors of my life.

I found this course educating, fun and most of all, it assisted in perfecting my current skills. Although there’s no such thing as perfect, I have so much more knowledge and skills within the makeup industry.

I was excited to complete each assignment, which is why I got through the course so quickly. I started in February and completed it by June. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. My tutor was very inspiring, kind and provided criticism when needed. She has really inspired me to keep pushing to the end through all the aspects of my life.

Without this course, I never would’ve started my beauty page on Facebook and Instagram, and I never would’ve felt as comfortable as I do now creating YouTube videos. Makeup is my element and something that makes me feel happy, safe, and content. And I'm very grateful to this course for allowing me to be the person I am today.

If anyone is considering taking this course, I HIGHLY recommend it. There’s no such thing as wasted education, especially in a field like this one!



Brooke Wallace

Secret Harbour, WA

I have always enjoyed being able to express myself creatively and have always had a passion for the arts, from painting to theatre; it’s always been part of my life. I love makeup and how it enables us to feel confident, creative, and beautiful.

When I started this course, I had a self-taught understanding of makeup, which I couldn’t wait to learn more about. The course allowed me to take my knowledge to the next level, and I have seen my skills improve so much in the last year. I have gained experience and clients and can’t believe how much more confident I feel as a makeup artist.

My tutor was so wonderful, helpful, and gave such positive and constructive feedback. I felt cared for, and it really pushed me to work harder.

This is a wonderful course for beginners or anyone who wants to expand their skills. There’s such a variety in the course, and every assignment was perfectly constructed for the module.

I loved being an IMUA student.


Jade Madden

Baldivis, WA


This is the only course you need! If you are a complete beginner or if you already have experience, this is the course to get you qualified. This isn't just your stock standard makeup; this covers theatre, television, SFX, and legal requirements of an MUA working in the industry!

All the better is you can do this at your pyjamas if you wish (like me haha).

So happy I did this course and I couldn't recommend​ it more! YAY for being qualified!!!



Jessica Jones

Elimbah, QLD

I would like to say that with my new fresh gained skills, I feel confident enough to embark on my beauty journey in the future. This course has absolutely amazing videos, and all the links have been a wonderful experience. My tutor was amazingly honest and gave me amazing feedback every time.

I loved this so much and will definitely be recommending it to my makeup enthusiast friends in the future.


Cindy-Lou Niesler

Summerholm, QLD

An amazing course constructed by professionals. Proud to say I am a qualified student of IMUA.

This course has taught me so much. I have gained the confidence to broaden my colour palette. The material is constructed extremely well, and the videos educational. Support was just a message away and always had the answer to push me along and complete my modules. My tutor was amazing and encouraging the entire way, which makes me very grateful. Even though I still cannot take amazing pictures, the techniques taught help make the picture look fabulous.

I will be forever thankful for the opportunity and support on this journey. I can't wait to unleash my skills as a graduate!

Jasmine Janabi

Mickleham, VIC

This course went above and beyond my expectations.

The quality of information and support has been outstanding. I’m proud to say it’s where I got qualified.


Una Baldwin

Bridgeman Downs, QLD

My heart is full of accomplishment, and my head is full of knowledge.

This course has been such an amazing experience. I have learned so much to take with me in my makeup adventures.

My tutor was and is incredible and with so much experience at her hand, it was an honour to be taught and guided by her.

I recommend this course 100%.


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