How Much Does a Makeup Artist Earn?

For individuals with a talent for enhancing beauty and creating stunning looks, a career in makeup artistry offers a blend of creative expression and potential income. But how much do makeup artists earn? In Australia, the makeup industry is as diverse as it is promising, with various avenues for professionals to earn based on skill, specialisation, and experience.

This guide delves into the nitty-gritty of makeup artist salary expectations in Australia, offering a realistic overview of what makeup artists can expect to earn throughout different phases of their careers.

Key Influences on a Makeup Artist's Earnings

A makeup artist's earnings are influenced by several factors, such as:

  • Geographical Location: Major cities with thriving beauty and entertainment industries often present more lucrative opportunities than smaller, less populated areas.
  • Field of Specialisation: Whether it's bridal, theatrical, special effects, or editorial makeup, the niche you choose can significantly impact your earnings.
  • Level of Experience: As with most professions, more experienced makeup artists can command higher fees.
  • Type of Employment: Choosing between freelance work and a salaried position will affect not only your income structure but also your working style and job stability.
  • Educational Background: Though not always mandatory, formal education in makeup artistry or related fields, potentially through esteemed institutions like The Institute of Makeup Artistry, can enhance your credibility and justify higher rates.

Annual Makeup Artist Salary in Australia

The average annual salary of a Makeup Artist in Australia is: $73,125

Specialisations and the Impact on Earnings

Earnings in makeup artistry are heavily dependent on the area of specialisation, with each niche offering different financial prospects:

  • Bridal Makeup: This high-stakes field offers substantial earning potential, with professionals often charging premium rates for comprehensive bridal makeup packages.
  • Film and Television Makeup: Engaging with productions for character and special effects makeup can yield steady, lucrative work, especially for those well-versed in the industry's needs and artistic aesthetics.
  • Editorial Makeup: Makeup artists specialising in editorial and high-fashion work can command premium charges for their creative expertise.
  • Freelancing: While presenting a variable income stream, freelancing allows makeup artists to set their rates and choose projects, often balancing higher earning peaks with periods of lesser work availability.

Freelance vs. Full-Time: Pros and Cons

The choice between freelance and full-time makeup artistry careers is pivotal, each offering unique benefits and drawbacks.

  • Freelance Makeup Artist Income: Freelancing in makeup artistry allows control over your schedule, client selection, and rates. While this freedom can lead to diverse projects and potentially higher earnings, it also brings unpredictability in income and necessitates continuous client outreach. Freelancers must also manage all business facets, from marketing to finances, without the conventional benefits of full-time employment.
  • Full-Time Makeup Artistry Careers: In contrast, full-time positions offer a steady salary and regular income, alongside benefits like health coverage, retirement plans, and paid time off. These roles provide a structured environment and consistent workflow but may limit creative control and flexibility in choosing projects.
  • Combining Freelance and Full-Time Work: Some makeup artists blend freelance with part-time or full-time jobs, enjoying the stability of regular employment plus the creative autonomy of freelance gigs. This approach demands exceptional organisation and time management to juggle both responsibilities effectively.

Understanding the nuances of each working style is crucial in shaping a makeup artistry career that aligns with your financial goals, lifestyle preferences, and creative ambitions. Whether you choose the independence of freelancing, the stability of full-time work, or a blend of both, success stems from delivering high-quality work, continuous learning, and effective networking.

How to Increase Your Makeup Artist Salary in Australia

To thrive financially in the competitive field of makeup artistry, professionals should consider several growth-oriented strategies:

  • Continued Education: Pursuing advanced courses, especially from recognised institutions like The Institute of Makeup Artistry, can polish your skill set, keeping you relevant and in demand.
  • Networking: Cultivating relationships within the industry and related sectors can lead to more frequent and higher-paying job opportunities.
  • Skill Diversification: Learning additional styles or specialised skills, such as airbrush makeup or body painting, can expand your service offerings and client base.
  • Strategic Marketing: Maintaining a robust online presence, showcasing a compelling portfolio, and employing effective marketing strategies are critical for attracting clients willing to pay for premium services.

Makeup Artistry Course Reviews

“I had work in the past as a freelance MUA, self-taught. This course has everything and more. It takes a lot of self-discipline but the learning tools are all there. The suggestions for makeup products for different areas are on point. There is so much knowledge given. I took this course the way I would of went to class or a studio. So chapters were a breeze for me due to my knowledge and work experience. When I tell you that someone with zero knowledge can become an expert with all the knowledge (and the tutors guide) given in this course (as long as the individual applies themselves), I am being honest. I discovered my love for SFX during my journey. I applied myself a lot throughout this course, all my models (my friends) moved out of town cause of the pandemic, so here and there it was a challenge doing makeup on my neighbors lol. For me, the best part of the course is doing the homework, getting to apply the newfound knowledge on a person.

Nolene was my tutor and she was all around amazing:D giving me excellent constructive criticism, pointing out what she loved about my work, some areas where I could improve more. I felt as if I was present in a school. I had taken a previous course from a different makeup studio. I didn’t feel confident at all with them, with IMUA I feel confident that I could work on set tomorrow and succeed. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR IGNITING A NEW PASSION FOR ME!”

Erica Tenaglia

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Pursuing a makeup artistry career in Australia, offers both creative satisfaction and financial prospects. Although the industry is competitive with varied salary scales, makeup artists who continuously hone their craft, strategically market themselves, and network effectively can enjoy a prosperous career.

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